Muroa is a multi room audio player. Multi room means that you can listen to the same music in multiple rooms at once while music playback is kept in sync. Very useful for parties.

  • Client-Server design
  • Server handles your local music colletion, it is called "session server"
  • Playback clients (called render clients). Send your music to as many of them as you like
  • Control clients are used to manage the playlist and add or remove render clients to a music session
  • Render Clients are auto detected in the network via dnssd (bonjour)
  • Control Clients auto detect all session servers via dnssd (bonjour)
  • synchronous playback on all render clients. Place on in every room of your home and you can send your favorite music there.
  • Render clients are designed run on embedded devices with limited ressources like the RaspberryPi.
  • Control Clients can be smartphone/tablet apps (planned).
  • control your music from your computer, tablet or smartphone or all of them.
  • all Control Clients are kept in sync
  • Controls Clients, that have been offline, sync up quickly to the latest session state when online again


This web presence of muroa is still under construction and not yet fully operational. More to come soon.