Build on OpenSuSE

Tested on OpenSuSE 12.3

First, some additional packages need to be installed:

  • git:  to get the sources
  • cmake
  • additional libraries used by muroa (and their devel packages, of cause)
  • some multimedia libraries not included in OpenSUSE's standard repository, but PackMan

First, setup the PackMan repository:

Start YaST -> Software -> Software Repositories -> Add -> check "Community Repositories" -> Next -> Choose "PackMan" from the list.

then install all neccessary packages. You can do this in one step:

sudo zypper install git-core \
                    cmake \
                    gcc-c++ \
                    boost-devel \
                    taglib-devel \
                    sqlite-devel \
                    ffmpeg-devel \
                    libao-devel \
                    log4cplus-devel \
                    libavahi-devel \
                    libavahi-qt4-devel \
                    libsamplerate-devel \
                    libqt4-devel \
                    zlib-devel \

This version of OpenSUSE ships a buggy version of boost-property-tree. See here for details:

Now get the source:

mkdir -p ~/devel/git-repo
cd ~/devel/git-repo
git clone
mkdir build-x86
cd build-x86
cmake ../muroa