There are no binary packages available by now. I plan to offer binary packages for the major Linux distributions in the future. Until they are available, you have to build muroa from source.

Build from source


  • "build-essential"   (so called on Ubuntu, includes tools like make, gcc, automake)
  • git
  • cmake
  • libboost-system-dev
  • libbost-filesystem-dev
  • libboost-date-time-dev
  • libboost-program-options-dev
  • libqt4-dev


Ubuntu and its flavours: build-essential

sudo apt-get install build-essential
sudo apt-get install git
sudo apt-get install cmake

# cmake will ask you to install all of the following packages:

sudo apt-get install libboost-system-dev \
                     libboost-filesystem-dev \
                     libboost-date-time-dev \
                     libboost-program-options-dev \
                     libboost-regex-dev \
                     libqt4-dev \
                     libasound2-dev \
                     libao-dev \
                     liblog4cplus-dev \
                     libavahi-client-dev \
                     libavahi-qt4-dev \
                     libsamplerate0-dev \
                     zlib1g-dev \
                     libavcodec-dev \
                     libavformat-dev \
                     libexpat1-dev \
                     libtag1-dev \


Get the source from github 

mkdir -p ~/git-repo
cd ~/git-repo

git clone

mkdir -p build-x86
cd build-x86

cmake ../muroa

CMake will check if all prerequisites are fullfilled. If some are missing, you will need to install them before you can continue.